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Who is Readers in the Hood?


We’re a neighborhood reading group based in Northern California. Readers in the
(or RITH for short)
consists of about a dozen wonderful women who get
together monthly to discuss a good book and catch up on each other’s lives—usually over a
glass of Chardonnay. We just celebrated our fourth anniversary and are into our fifth year together...(more...)

Who's Who?

Each Reader has devised her own literary alias—to protect the guilty, of course! Read about
each Hoodie's moniker and why she chose it...(more...)


Readers are always up for a party! We look for excuses to celebrate—and it's never hard to find something! We celebrate books, authors, and ourselves.
Go Girls!... Check out some of
our favorite celebrations...

Book Recommendations:

See what we've read, what we're reading, and what we hope to read—if we can stop partying
long enough! See what made our
honor roll—and which one's we 'flunked.' (more...)

Giving Back:

We all feel so blessed—and no matter what's on our plates,
there's always a small way we
can try to give back. Here are some of our favorite causes...

Chapter News:

Our website seems to have efficiently replaced our newsletters. If we do happen to publish some late-breaking news or a special edition, we'll post it here. Read one of our oldies but goodies.
To contact us, please click here.

Sign Our Guest book:

We love having visitors—almost as much as we love celebrating!
Please sign our guest book.

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